Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Cowgirl's Journal

I know, I know... I haven't posted in a few days. But you have to understand that Tuesday was spent watching our new President take office. I can't tell you how excited I was to see him take that oath! Okay, I don't like talking politics... so I'll stop.

Here's one of the real excuses, I actually started this project yesterday, but due to my lack of ability to follow instructions I completely screwed up my first book... and I needed time to go and buy another so I could make it right for you all.

Looking at it now I wish I would have taken pictures of each step, but I will do my best to describe the process. Here's my lil' Cowgirl Journal to keep all of my thoughts and ideas in! (I've been looking for something special to write down all of the special moments that I have... or to vent my frustrations. The first is on the even days, the latter on the odd ones)

Here are the steps that I took to arrive at this very "western" journal.

1) Purchased a 7gypsies Book Jacket Kit and followed the instructions to cover the book. Now as I found a few simple tricks to make this a bit more successful on my second go around.

If you so choose to add a contrasting paper to the spine, use a thinner cardstock and fold it first into the shape of the spine of the book. Otherwise it ends up just coming off the front and back when you close the book the first time.

2) Before I covered the inside covers, I used some of the Terrifically Tacky Tape to wrap the ribbon around the corners of the journal so they don't tear or fray. Just like the cover of the book (as 7gypsies explains in the instructions) allow the ribbon to stick just slightly over the corners of the journal so that when you fold it over you don't have gaps between the two ends of ribbon on the other side. And if you mess up, don't worry! When you cover the inside you can easily cover your mistake.

Be sure not to add the contrasting paper to the spine as an afterthought, again I learned that in my first go around that needed to be scrapped.

For the cover of this book I used a very thin cowboy themed paper from Sandylion titled Rodeo. It didn't work as well as my first cover in being flat, but I don't think I spread the glue out evenly enough around the edges. So, that would be hint number three.... spread the glue! This added a special touch since I was going to age the journal anyway.

3) Once the book was covered, I got to do the fun part in decorating it with another fantastic Bombshell Stamp that I got recently. (I know I'm on a kick, but I'm also waiting for my payday so I have to work with what I've got) This set is called Retro Cowgirls, and it comes with two lovely ladies and a few accessories. I again stamped her on PTI White Shimmer Cardstock. And I used some Stickles on her clothes to give her some shimmer.

I then stamped some barbed wire (comes with the Retro Cowgirl set) and embossed it silver on a piece of cream cardstock. I tore the edges of the cream and aged it with a light brown, then a dark brown, then charcoal chalks to give it a burned effect.

I took a piece of twine and wrapped it like rope and sewed it onto the cream cardstock. I then affixed my beautiful cowgirl on with some foam stickers so she stands out over her rope. I matted the whole thing on a piece of black cardstock, then a piece of brown cardstock.

4) I aged the edges of the journal with the same technique I used on the cream cardstock, light brown, then dark brown, then a charcoal chalk. I stitched the pages in as in the 7gypsies instructions. (Of course I had double the pages because I screwed up the first book, so that helped fill it out nicely.) I then tied a ribbon through the middle of the book to a bow over the edge! Ta-da! A pretty little book to keep my thoughts in, since I'm tending to loose them more and more!

Holy Long Blogpost Batman! I think you all have had enough of my jibber-jabbering! Please let me know if you'd like detailed instructions.

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