Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little More Organization...

Well as you know I'm all about using what I have this week in all of my blog posts. Well I figured it would be nice if you learned a little more about my space and how I keep things organized to save myself money. For this post I'll talk a little about my fiber organization and how cheap it was to put together, like under $5.00.

I'm a very color oriented person, I always have been. Even when I was little my crayons always had to be in the box in rainbow order. My clothes are also in the closet in color order, and heaven help my boyfriend if he messes it up. Well now I've taken that obsession further to all of my crafting supplies. I find it much easier to put together a quick card when I can pull everything from a certain color family.

I'm a fiber fanatic, mainly Basic Grey fibers. Every new line I feel like I'm picking up the fibers before I pick up the paper. For a long time I was buying fibers just to buy them, they were pretty, shiny, new and a gotta have. Well the come all bunched up on a card and it's hard to see what all I have and envision it on my project. So here was my way of organizing my fibers so I can see them all. The box was $1.99 in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby, and the little fiber cards are a whopping 99 cents for 25 of them.

(Erin's Afterthought: For those who are even more organized than I am, the manufacturer and the line can be written on the plastic cards with a water soluble marker. That way for publication and blogs you know exactly where it came from.)

Now every time I purchase new fibers from any company, or little bits of ribbon. I know they already have a home, more over I don't tend to buy any if I know the box is full. It forces me to use what I have. (Oh and having them in a box prevents me from having to look all over my apartment for them, Cats do like strings after all.)

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