Thursday, September 24, 2009

Every person is the architect of his own fortune

Inspired by the ever brilliant Gabby, and The Greeting Farm, I couldn't help but enter this weeks Club Anya Mystery Monday Challenge. This week it was Joni's Rule of Three... Three colors, three embellishments. Every masterpiece had to have the colors pink, black and white in it as well as three separate embellishments.

I know it's kind of a clash in cultures, but my boyfriend got this fortune in his cookie tonight. He read the fortune before eating the cookie, so I teased him about it because that's a super big no-no ... well he put on his "I'll show you" grin and let me read the fortune: "Every person is the architect of his own fortune". I wanted to do something with it, because he really did show me.

I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday!!


  1. Such a wonderful card...I like that, I think I need to remember it. I am so happy this morning as I lost your blog two weeks ago when my computer crashed. I was going through my blog when I found you again, Happy day for me!!lol....Have a great Friday, Lisa G

  2. LOVE the card. Great idea using the fortune!


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