Friday, January 8, 2010

A Thankful Thursday

So yesterday ended up being quite busy. I was 'hired' (in that we bartered an exchange of services :-) Which makes me a super happy camper!!!) to develop a website for my Personal Trainer, and spent the evening working out the initial designs. So I apologize for the delay in my official thank you for the month. My primary inspiration was my Grandfather and the subject of my second post on this blog, found here.

So after he passed away I lost some of my creative mojo, and it took a while to get it back. One of the first places that I actually found on accident while I was visiting the local Starbucks, it had just opened and was full of the most beautiful and unique scrap booking supplies. On top of it all, the whole store is neat, organized, and is run by two wonderful women. I bought some paper on a whim and made my thank you cards for my birthday presents, those cards were a hit with my family and Capture has since been a hit with me.

This week I'd like to thank the spark of my inspiration:

If you're in Northern Colorado, Check them out! Their 3rd Year Anniversary party is Saturday, January 16th.

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