Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Challenge:

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE - From the lovely and always talented Angela

We all have our own home remedies...a pinch of this, with a dash of that and gargle. *giggle Well, it's time to put your thinkin' caps on, and ALTER an item you have laying around. That's right...don't be content with that over the counter crafting stuff...take something you have and give it a little bit of TLC; a pinch of this glitter and a splash of that alcohol ink. (Hopefully you won't have to gargle....*wink) Let your imaginations run wild as you use your Bombshells to breathe new life into an otherwise boring item.
So I look around and what do I see but a bottle! I beer bottle, that I got on a trip to Washington DC. Man was it just screaming for some pretty decorations!!!

Given that the challenge was ALTERnative MEDICINE, what better medicine for Valentines Day than Love Potion #9!!

Decorated with a little computer magic for the lettering and some kickin' Bombshell Stamps this bottle is ready to hold any love potion you can give it!

The back reads:

Always been a flop with chicks?
Been that way since 1956?

What you need is: Love Potion #9

Made exclusively in the sink, and though is smells like turpentine and looks like India Ink, hold your nose, close your eyes and take a drink.

Warning: You may end up kissing everything in sight. May also confuse day from night

Bottled by: Madame Rue - 34th and Vine

Lets see what the Fab Bombshells and Crew have been upto this week!


  1. That's great! What a cool idea!

  2. OMGoodness! This is FABULOUS! What super fun and my brothers could so use this ;)

  3. How stink-en cute is this.. Real Cute.

  4. HAHAHAHA...OMG girl I love this! Now I have the song stuck in my!

  5. I have always loved that song since I was a little girl. This is a great idea and a wonderful project. Way to GO!

  6. This is such a fun project! Great job! LOVE it!

  7. That's sooooo freakin' clever. I love it. Wow!

  8. OMGosh this is too darn cute! Love it! Fantastic job!

  9. Now that's the type of "alternative medicine" I'm talking about! Wonderful bottle decor and totally puts me in the mood for Valentines Day... bring it on! Fab job MIss.Magoo!

  10. LOL, that is funny AND creative. Great job.

  11. ahahahahahahahaha. I love it Miss Magoo. Very smart!!!

  12. Love it, love it, love it!!! Oh, did I mention that I love it?!

  13. LOL!! Love it! I think my brother needs a bottle of this ;o)


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