Friday, January 7, 2011

Video Review - Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio

Today I thought I'd treat you to a little video demo of my newest tool - the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio - so here it is!

Fort Collins Local -
Online -

You can find more videos about how these punches work on the official Epiphany Crafts website :-)  Go on and check them out! 

In this video:
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio - SST-01 Punch - $24.99 (Locally it was $28.99 - but with shipping it evens out)
Epiphany Crafts Bubble Caps Round 14 - $4.99 (Again, I bought mine locally for $5.99)
Basic Grey - Max and Whiskers 6x6 paper

Thanks for visiting!  I'll be back next week with more pretty things to show everyone!


  1. Great video! I can't believe it's your first. You're such a natural. :o)

    I'd never seen this tool up close in action, so thanks so much for the demo review! It looks pretty sweet.

  2. Very informative video. Great tool! TFS


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