Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Night – A little about my space

So I thought tonight would be a good night to introduce the WHOLE blog-o-sphere to my own personal crafting space. And here it is!
I absolutely love organizational tools! I get lost in places like The Container Store. However for this space, Target and Home Depot were my best friends. The four storage cubes that make the outside pillars are from Target, they're like $23 a piece, but they can also be purchased at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The shelf above is just a plain ol' white closet shelf I believe in a 6 foot length. I mounted the lights on the shelf myself with an under cabinet light kit. The board you see in the middle there, with all of my inspiration on it, is just a piece of sheet metal that I bought for like $6 and then framed it up myself. (It came in a really convienent size, 24" x 36" so it was easy to do.) I bought just some hobby magnets and I can hang all of my favorite pictures and other pieces of inspiration.

Because I'm a neat freak, all of the drawers are organized
and labeled as well. I find that I work so much better when my space is clean (Though it looks quite cluttered, I can still find everything, and everything has its place.) The boxes you see at the top left with the labels contain all of my glues and journaling pens. (That way they're still stored horozontally but still nice and neat!) I got those boxes on a back to school special for 99 cents each! Each of the six drawers looks similar. It was so much fun organizing all of it!
One of the other things I love is the fact that I can display all of my pretty things on the shelves above the drawers, and across the top shelf. One of my favorite displays is my land-o-Stickles.

I also keep everything else on the shelves color coded, that way I can decide on a theme for a page and quickly access everything that color.

I'll post more organizational hints as the blog goes along! Until next time, thanks for visiting!

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