Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little Note

I find it down right hilarious that I go and make this big deal about being back, and then it's over a month before I post something again. But I have some awesome news, that I don't think I'm allowed to announce yet. (It will be soon I promise... you have no idea how hard it is to keep my mouth shut about it!) As for what I've been up to:
  • African Youth Aid Foundation: . For the latter part of June and most of July I've been working with my friend Bryan, the President of AYAF, to get this site up and off the ground, assisting with promotions and doing overall maintenance. This is an absolutely wonderful foundation that helps children in South Africa get medicine, build schools, provide clothing and such. It is definitely a charity that I adore working for. Please visit the site for more details!
  • Special project for my cousins in Arizona... an alphabetical journey of their son's first year. It will be adorable when it is finished. But because it's not my son, I don't feel right publishing the finished pages to the world.
  • I've recently been attending a Buddhist center here in Fort Collins, and they found out that I have computer skills. Ergo, I've been earning some extra merit by helping them with promotional material, maintaining and updating their website and such.
  • Been prepping stuff for my big announcement that should be happening in the next few weeks. As soon as it is officially announced, I can absolutely shout it from the roof tops! It will be with this BIG announcement that I will also be launching the next part of my plan.. MUHAHAHAHA! So stay tuned!
  • AND... I got a kinda, sorta promotion at work (in title only) that has been keeping me plenty exhausted during the day and night just to keep up with my old job and organizing and developing the new position (which I kinda just invented...but the Director thought it was a great idea, so here I am).
So to all my friends in the blog-o-sphere, please hang with me. Once I make this announcement, I'm going to do my best to post five to seven times a week as my job permits. (I'm hoping to have all of the other projects to a point where they're complete or maintainable with little effort on my part.)

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