Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All the Single Ladies - Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop

Oh man... was this ever WAY harder than it looked. You're talking to the queen of layers, bling and other such sparkly things here. The mission, that I did choose to accept, was to make something with just a single layer... SINGLE!!! That means, no Copics, no second layer patterned paper... nothing but the bare bones of the card. What a fantastic challenge!!!

So I finally decided on a gift set of cards, and in honor of Veterans Day... a little of the Red, White and Blue!

Each card is just one, single, solitary layer, with this beautiful bomshell from the Ahoy Sailor! Bombshell Stamp line. Colored with colored pencils and gamsol giving a nice vintage look.
Here's a close up:
Shall we see what the other delightful, beautiful Bomshell's have in store for us this lovely Veteran's Day?


  1. These are cute, classic, and the perfect way to represent the challenge today! Fantastic job.

  2. This pretty lady needs no embellishments or layers! Great job!

  3. I love it this card! She is my favorite Bombshell stamp!

  4. Beautifully classy and very appropriate! Gorgeous card Miss.Magoo!

  5. Gorgeous card Miss Magoo! LOVE IT!!!

  6. Less is more.. or how it was?
    I like this card too.

  7. Beautiful sailor, and super-appropriate for Veteran's Day.


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