Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Howdy!! -- Bombshell Hump Day Hop - #14

Woah... where did that month go, seriously. I think it went about as fast as my paycheck. Its been a busy, busy month. It started with my cat... and the namesake of this blog.. she went and got sick. Which kept me up for several nights. She is better now and sleeping on the back of my chair. It seems as though Christmas lasts two weeks around here between the shopping, cooking, family events, computer dying forcing me to get a new computer(finally), and so forth. I'm finally posting both the Bombshell Sketch Challenge and the Miss December challenge:

Today was a trip to the Denver Museum of Art for a little more inspiration. And this ends up being a rather long story, so here goes.

My friends always come into town for the holidays, and I always try to plan something were everyone can be in one place. So this year it was to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see the Ghengis Khan exhibit. So I called all the proper people, gave instruction... all be it a bit later than I'm sure some would hope. There were a few drop-outs and finally it was whittled down to four people so we could all fit in my car. Driving there, south on I-25 from the Fort, I hit a huge piece of something and completely tore open the oil pan on my car. Huge hole... Oil EVERYWHERE! I pulled over, had ol' blackie towed to my dad's Meineke for repairs and continued our journey. By now it was about 1:30 PM. We walk
ed to the museum which was PACKED, and attempted to purchase tickets... sold out. So we moped for all of 30 seconds and decided to hit the art museum instead. Talk about inspiration for my own personal crafting!! There were all kinds of things that I picked out the colors on... lines... textures.. it was like an overload. There was a western exhibit that we went through... I just had to work out something special:

It has been a seriously long day... but everything this month went by so fast. I have plans for January, the month of resolutions... and will involve some blog candy. So stay tuned, that post will go up Jan 1st 2010!!

Lets see what the other ladies have been up to this month:

Mary G.
Ms. December - Erika

Until next time!!

Stamps used:

Bombshell Stamps Sets- Retro Cowgirl, Pinstriping, Lady Luck


  1. Love the frosty card Miss Magoo. Talk about a card just coming together perfectly. That blue and white combination looks so stunning with your bombshell


  2. Great cards!!! Love the bride card and how you interpreted the sketch!!!

    TFS! As usual, your work is fabulous!

  3. Sorry Miss Magoo was sick and your computer died. No fun. Sounds like rough, expensive month.

    I really like how you interpreted the December sketch to use ribbon instead of strips and spaces. Very elegant.

    Retro Cowgirls is my favorite stamp set and you did it proud. Love the western vibe in the paper and details.

  4. Sounds like a difficult day ended up being ok. Glad you stayed positive enough to see the inspiration. Both creations are fabulous and very different from each other.

  5. I'm so jealous...I haven't been to either of those museums forever & I'm just 1 1/2 hours away from there! Your layout & design work so well with the would think it was from a kit! TFS!

  6. what lovely cards! Love your designs!

  7. Gorgeous cards Miss Magoo, and I enjoyed your story too! It's amazing how inspiring it can be going to a museum. I have my eye on that cowgirl card, really gorgeous layout with the retro feel!

  8. Lovely cards, and glad your kitty is feeling better!!!

  9. Great work and love the stamps....I seriously need to get some!!!

  10. Now I want to hit the local museum in Toledo for more inspiration! So glad to hear Miss Magoo is better. Your "look on the bright side" attitude is inspiring, too! Your cards are great.

  11. Awesome cards GF! Love them!

    Happy New Year Bombshell!



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