Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Sunday of Blog Candy!!!!

I haven't always been good at posting religiously, but this month I intend to step it up. I've been devoting lots of time to sitting around and moping about how horrible things are... wrong way to view things. As the New Year is a time to make resolutions, some that we intend to keep, and others that we initially have the intention to keep but somehow they get lost on the wayside. Well my crafting brings me joy, even if it is just temporary, so I think I will resolve to bring my creations to everyone else in the hope that it brings them a bit of joy.

Here's the new schedule:

  • Funday Sunday: I will either participate in a challenge for a fellow blogger... or I'll challenge you all! Either way, I get to see all of the things that make the crafting community online so great!!!
  • How to Make it Mondays: How to use one of the beautiful stamps to embellish scrapbook pages, boxes, tags and bags!
  • Use it up Tuesday: Where I will use things that I've purchased, instead of buying something new. With this one I'll go over where I got it and then attempt to inspire you to use something up that you've been staring at for months.
  • Hump Day Hops: I'm only a Bombshell DT member for a few more weeks... gotta make the most of it.
  • Thank Goodness Thursday: Thursdays will be all about thanking people that inspire me. That may be just a post or a fantastic project.
  • Friday and Saturday: These days I may post I may not. These days are typically me catching up with things... but if I'm inspired... you know I'll be there. (Besides... sometimes it takes a lot of work to be inspired to make all of these wonderful things.)

I'm hoping to keep this schedule as close as I can, and I'll do my best to always post something.

Well as promised, all be it a bit late, here is the first of four blog candies to be handed out this month. I explained in my last post that I was going to be trimming the proverbial crafting fat... well here it is:

(What you see above: Wild Asparagus paper pack with other paper embellishments, Rub-on title and two paper titles from My Mind's Eye, 2 Pinecone Press books Finishing Touches and Stamping and Scrapbooking, Studio Six Chandelier stamp, 7Gypsies alterable notebook, Nostalgiques beaded stamps, EK Success drink stamps, Bazzill Collection Pollished Pebbles, 5 mini spools of ribbon, and a pair of Provo Craft paper scissors in a zig-zag pattern. Green pencil storage)

Holy Moly that's a lot of stuff!!! And I pulled four times that out of my stash that I purchased but will never use! Best that it gets a good home. This is where you come in:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post one of your resolutions and the steps you intend to take to get there as a comment here. One comment will be chosen at random and the winner will be announced next Sunday. Please feel free to spread the word, the more the merrier!!!

Well get to gettin' .. I'm excited to hear the resolutions of my fellow crafters!!!


  1. I always make a list of crafting-related resolutions each year. They seem to be the only fun ones to stick to!!

    My usual goal of 150 scrapbook pages this year stands unchanged. I may even run out of photos this year before that happens! How I go about it:

    Plan like mad, packing page kits for my monthly crop. Once I've gone through my stash and chosen papers, embellishments and the like, the rest is just cutting and assembly. It means I can join in the chat at the crop and not have to think too much! To keep up with the goal I have to do 14 or 15 pages a month. I don't usually do that but I have a weekend retreat in the late summer/early fall where I manage to get 20 or 30 done in. So that helps. :)

  2. I love your idea of setting a goal each day. My goal is to post to my blog a minimum of once a week plus at least two video tutorials a month. Doesn't sound like much but it's a lot for me.

  3. Well Miss Magoo you surely are going to be busy!!

    I would like to resolve that I will visit all of my fellow bloggers blogs at least once a week.

    I also want to resolve to try to scrapbook at least once a week. I've haven't done any for at least 6-8 months!!

    I'm also going to resolve to not buy any more new STUFF until I get going on what I already have!!

    Wish me luck!!!

  4. My resolution is to get my craft room done(SOON!!!) and start using all the items I have bought(collected). I would love to get my stuff published too.....wish me kuck!!!

  5. My resolution is to take a nap once a week and to scrap book at least one page a week!


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