Saturday, March 10, 2012

Luck O' The Irish

Wow!  I kinda suck at posting to my blog!! Sorry about that folks.  Today I have an entry into the March I Am Roses Color Challenge, and to get it I interviewed Lucky the Leprechaun himself!  

I wanted to know what a Leprechaun carries with him - and it turns out his steamer trunk is quite full of goodies!  When I asked him why he carries around all this stuff and if it slows him down as he runs from everyone trying to catch him for his pot of gold, he answered:
"Well, me wife - she insists I carry around all this stuff.  Its really things that I collect during my travels that I'm bringing home for her.  Like emeralds, and gold and some flowers from my recent visit to Thailand.  I also like to have some mementos from home - pictures of me favorite drink, Guinness - and a picture of me lovely wife.  The trunk doesn't slow me down, I use me magic and me lucky charms to bring it with me."
I was extremely interested in seeing his steamer trunk, he agreed only because it wasn't his pot of gold - that was a closely guarded secret - I was able to snap some pictures:

Isn't it lovely?!

Thanks for checking in - will post more soon as I get back into the world of crafts!!

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